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  1. I was able to solve the problem and I want to share it here, (skip to third paragraph if you don't want to read how I get there) so anyone with the same issue can work this out. My machine is a Mac so, If you have a PC, look for a way to achieve this based on your machine. First: What cause the issue? I replace a main HDD. Basically, my 4T HDD get full after years of great service. (I always use an external dual dock for work. The internal HDD is just for the OS and Apps. I learned that when Apple introduces the Hybrid internal HDDs back in the days and basically is the best way to run your Mac even today.) My Font libraries are managed by Right Font app and my project libraries are managed by Eagle App. That way every project and their dependencies are safe with the library files no matter you put them. Eagle App even supports having your library in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) as well, but Speed is not on your side if you decided to go that way. I copy the libraries (Right Font and Eagle) to the new HDD and restarted the Mac. The problem with the fonts start happening right away. I open Affinity Files and fonts were missing and even Apps that basically show your project wasn't even showing up fonts previews as well. Here's what I did to fix the problem, I open Terminal app and type: rm -R ~/Library/Application\ Support/RightFont That basically clean up the cache files of the Font Manager and let you install the libraries again after a restart. Then I open the terminal again and type this: sudo atsutil databases -remove What this does is simple. It makes the Mac start all over again to create the database so all the fonts and other elements are search from scratch, so you don't get the missing font's scenario. To finish, I restarted the Mac and everything returned to normal. Conclusion: The issue wasn't provoked by Affinity Apps, it was directly related with the Mac and the new database structure, So, I hope you can be helped with this explanation in case you start having that issue too. Kind Regards.
  2. Please focus on the second document that I'm opening. The first one was showing how it looks after opened and the second is opened for the first time to show that no pop up window let you know about the missing fonts.
  3. Is still a problem today Oct 9 2022. I open documents with missing fonts and I don't get any pop up window! I know which fonts are, so for me, it's easy to replace them, but it would be cool that the app tells you or that you can have a window of missing fonts to replace them as soon as open them. missig-fonts.mp4
  4. With you 100% If Affinity don’t show those improvements in the next version I will be buying VS in a snap.
  5. Whoa! You already switched to Vector Styler! 🤣 (joking) seriously now, I don’t know why VS doesn’t feel like a pro software to me… it reminds me a lot to the open source linux app: Inkscape. Playing around with it makes me feel like yes, I have all these tools but I will create my project in Affinity this time… don’t get me wrong, I see myself creating logos and complex designs on VS but I don’t see me working a product package design on it if you know what I mean. Maybe I still have hopes for Affinity Apps… I will try this weekend with VS pretending I don’t have Affinity to see how it goes.
  6. I got to tell you. Your comment makes me going to buy it as soon the trial ends. Maybe I wait for Affinity 2.0 first. You see, I’ve been a designer since 1992. I started with Photoshop 5.5, Aldus Freehand 8 and PageMaker. Illustrator was really bad and QuarkXpress was complicated. Then Adobe bought Freehand and Pagemaker and I started to use only Adobe products until Adobe CC arrived. One day my paid copy of Adobe CS6 no longer was working and the solution was upgrading to CC. After hours of arguing with sales support they finally send me a temporary authorization code for CS6 and a year later is wasn’t working at all. That day I just decided quit all Adobe products and was struggling to keep up with my clients at that time (Hilton, Southwest Airlines, etc). I was using Acorn to replace Photoshop and then Pixelmator, for a year my work was going well with Pixelmator, Graphics and Swift Publisher but they were too limited and my excuses were fading away. Until Affinity! What a great day man! I’ve been working with Photo, Designer and Publisher like my Adobe days. I mean, I bought them all including the iPad versions. My workflow has been amazing and the apps never failed me! These apps are my core tools and I can’t imagine myself without them. It scares me the future of Affinity. I received an email with a questionnaire and the word Subscription was mentioned a couple of times. If they go that way I will be pushed to Pixelmator Pro and Vector Styler in a second! Finding a good publisher will be hard though… maybe Swift Publisher is in better shape now. Idk. I really don’t want to stop using Affinity apps. Hope they don’t go the subscription business route. I’m ready to buy all five apps when 2.0 is on sale. I’m really ready for that. But if they say “Subscription” it will be another sad day for me.
  7. I discovered this app today. It's called Vector Styler and basically includes all the features we want on Affinity Designer. Maybe a peak on this app can show affinity a way to achieve these shape builder and manipulation tweaks. I download the free trial and it is impressive. The AI import and export option is very well implemented. I don't see myself paying $100 for it because I already have all Affinity apps, but seeing what I can do with this Vector Styler app give me hope that Affinity can do it too! vidtest.mp4
  8. I recently learn this and wanted to share. Right now is no secret that you can drop your Affinity Photo file to Photopea.com and convert your file to editable PSD and now you can so this with Designer files as well. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/lo5BPh-1Mx8
  9. I wonder if Affinity is working on a standalone app that works exactly as Designer with Studio Link. I don't mean to add Studio Link to all apps, that would be awesome too, but I mean just one app The Affinity Studio App All the apps in one. Making Studio a shell for all three. That would be amazing for costumers that want all three apps at once.
  10. It's technically not a feature. It's another way (easier way) to work with paths like subtract and add but combined. A feature would be selecting a symbol and creating a virtual grid to be editable. So, Affinity could just make a way to edit a path more dynamic and it would be a Shape Builder tool. Like Vectornator, a free vector tool tha let you trace a raster image and vectorize it in layers within the same app. There are many different ways to manipulate a vector path because is not an image in reality. I am confident that Affinity Suite Version 2 would be a nightmare for Adobe in many ways and I mean in ways they will need to copy Affinity and follow their new way of handling graphics and photography.
  11. Just adding a fact to help confused readers. Competition is not illegal in any form if the way of handling the conversion is not even alike to the original programming code. Example of successful attempts are Pixelmator, Acorn, and so on. Those alternatives let you save a PSD with editable text and open Illustrator files as well. If Photopea is using reverse engineering, it will be punished with all weight of the law any time soon.
  12. @walt.farrell Thanks for your reply. I will be making a list of real life situations that our job as Graphic Designer will encounter if we want to keep using Affinity Apps as our main apps. The more projects I get the more challenging it get for Affinity apps. Thanks God for Photopea website. It’s becoming the link between me and my clients.
  13. I received a file from a client and Designer wasn't able to open it. I went to Photopea website and upload the file and it was opened easily, I was able to export it in editable PDF and also in Photoshop format and after that I was able to work with it using Designer. Anyone knows another way to open Illustrator files without all this steps? I can't stand the idea that a free online Photoshop copycat editor is more powerful than one Affinity App.
  14. It's May 2nd, dude. This topic ended without a solution on April 22 of 2022. Give it a rest.
  15. 1. From the start of this topic, my need to convert the Publisher pages into Artboards was and still is my main concern. It is the root of this conversation and the problem I want to solve. 2. The Export Persona selections was part of my explanation on how I do my work and showcase one of the steps of my process. It was never part of my initial question and it was brought up just because of all the unimportant questions you asked to understand my need based on what I do regardless of many other case scenarios that may be solve with a conversion I realized is needed. For any workflow. The one that never understand even with a video is you. Not me. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO CONVERT A DOCUMENT OF PUBLISHER INTO MULTIPLE ARTBOARDS. But even with this sentence all in capitals and bold, I know you will still won’t understand because you just need to complicate the whole picture.
  16. I take of my valuable time to create a video to show you a more or less scenario of what I’m dealing so you can understand better with a visual representation. It seems you just want to argue and talk about the minimal inconsistencies instead of focusing on the need and how to solve it. I just did a basic representation of my issue, I will never work on the whole project and select all the items like it was a real job because you are intelligent enough to understand that all pages receive the same treatment. At the end, all artboards need to be available, so all selections (on each artboard) can be selected to be export. Enough with this non-sense of you just nip picking every little thing just to avoid the reality that can’t be done. I produced a video that show how easy will be with that option, I can name it document, file, format or whatever I come up with and that doesn’t change the fact that it can’t be done.
  17. Yeah, I guess you’re right. I still think that an export option to Designer doc that convert the pages on artboards still the best option. Having all apps in one is a genius idea! I always tell people that point out features missing or task they can’t do that don’t forget we are using a version 1 here! This is amazing! I can’t wait for what’s coming next! They surpassed Adobe in 89% of his designer apps already imagine what could happen in version 2!
  18. Great Alternative! The only thing is some content for some reason ended up bad, like a curve item ended up like a mask on pixel and some texts break apart in letters. I've tried on all PDF export options and always something is messed up, but hey! You are right, it's a great alternative to save me time. Thanks!
  19. Wrong. I do need Artboards so I can export all of them in one click. If I do what you suggested (by the way I already tried that) It wont let me have all pages in artboards. It seems for you is fine doing a one by one instead of all at once. Again, I don't expect to understand my need but certainly I would appreciate if you get the need at least.
  20. Exactly, each page need changes in the same areas. I know you understand, It's not possible you can't understand watching a video with a step-by-step process recorded. If you don't get it, I'm done explaining.
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