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  1. FYI, I just checked and this bug can still be recreated here, using version 1.5.1 on Sierra. I know this is not the biggest fish to fry, but I thought I'd make a note of it for the record. :-)
  2. I think the following thread might be related, so they know about it and will fix it soon. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26171-font-selection-bug-on-hover/
  3. Interesting...I pinned AD to the Dock, closed/opened it, opened the file, and now it sticks! It seems to be an issue with how the application is being opened. I use Overflow to launch most of my stuff. See if you can recreate this problem with something like that.
  4. I thought I had got this working, but now today's project won't stick in the list of recents. I have other recent files listed, but never this one after I close and re-open AD. This "Open Recent" function is being non-existent and useless for me now. I have to use the Open... dialog and navigate to this file, every time. @MEB, have you been able to recreate any of this?
  5. Interesting! Well, I have a trackpad too (external for my iMac). It took some doing, but I was able to recreate it with that as well. I had to use two hands, one for the click and the other for the dragging motions. Do you think it's possible that you may have triggered it via some sort of hijacked mouse action somewhere? If that makes any sense?
  6. Are you able to recreate the bug at will, though, from the steps I've outlined in message #8? If yes, read on... - See if you can still recreate it if you close BST and MP. - If that keeps the bug from happening, see what happens if you run one of those two but not the other, and then the other way around, etc. Hopefully we can narrow things down, somehow. I'm thinking there's got to be a common denominator of some sort. Thanks!
  7. For reference purposes, here are my Karabiner settings: Karabiner core settings/Pointing device core settings/Options for "CursorMove to ScrollWheel" Enable dynamic scrollwheel direction fixation. (horizontal and vertical) Disable momentum (inertia) scroll. Pointing Device/CursorMove to ScrollWheel MouseButton4+CursorMove to ScrollWheel [simultaneous] LeftClick+RightClick+CursorMove to ScrollWheel * Change Arrow(Up/Down/Left/Right) Key Option_R+Arrow to PageUp/PageDown/Home/End Change Fn Key Fn to Control_L (+ Option_L+Fn to Fn) Custom Shortcuts Switch current setting profile by fn+1,fn+2,fn+3 and fn+4. * I have found that disabling my "LeftClick+RightClick+CursorMove to ScrollWheel" setting seems to solve the problem for me. When this setting is enabled, I can recreate the bug. When it is disabled, I cannot recreate the bug. I'll double-check this, though. It may just be a matter of how many settings are enabled (7 for me to cause the bug) rather than which ones. After all, our working theory is that just using these two programs together is introducing enough of a delay to create the bug in AD. Be sure to use "show enabled only" to get a good overview of your settings. It saves a lot of hassle in looking to see what settings you're currently using! :-) The specific BetterTouchTool shortcuts are probably irrelevant in and of themselves. For what it's worth, I have settings for Keyboard and Normal Mice in Global and a few other applications. I have about 10 shortcuts for Firefox and about 6 shortcuts for another application (all these shortcuts mostly have to do with maximizing the window in different ways, using keyboard combinations). The other shortcuts I'm using are just a handful of simple keyboard-mapping shortcuts. The only mouse-related shortcut I'm using toggles the mouse pointer size. I'm not using the Window Snapping tools. We'll see if we need to drill down any further with BTT. As you can probably see, I don't imagine that it makes any difference what those shortcuts are. Oliver, which Karabiner settings are you using? Do you have a lot of BTT shortcuts?
  8. As for posting a video, I'll have to see about it--might be a day or two before I can get to it. But at least we have a pretty good theory in the meantime.
  9. From Chris B: > I wonder if there is some sort of delay your end making the app think > you're still holding the mouse button down while moving to the side... This gave me an idea. It just happens that I use Karabiner and BetterTouchTool, so I'm investigating that. So far, I am only able to recreate the bug if BOTH of those are running. If I close either or both of those, I cannot seem to recreate the bug. Hmmm. The delay theory seems to be correct.
  10. I just figured out how to recreate this! I've been able to repeat this bug several times in one sitting, in both directions. Here are the simplest steps I can find: 1) Open AD. 2) Create a new document. 3) Select one of the tools (particularly one of the shape ones such as the Ellipse tool). 4) Create a shape, but don't release the mouse button right away. 5) As you release the mouse button, go to the color wheel and change the color in a mouse-drag type of motion. 6) At this point, the document should start sliding to the left. This may take several tries until you get it. Just go back to step 4 (optionally undoing your shape if you're OCD about that) to try again, and you should eventually be able to get the bug to happen. There's a bit of a timing to it. It has to be a bit fast, but not super-fast. After a few tries, you'll get a feel for it. When the bug is recreated, you will find that scrolling will only work vertically but not horizontally (or the other way around if you do step 5 differently--more on that in a bit). Additionally, Zoom to Fit won't work. Once you get the sliding bug to happen, you can reset it, and scrolling will be back to normal. Just click anywhere within the document area and then you will be able to hit command-0 (Zoom to Fit) to center it again. From here, you can repeat the bug from step 4 again. As needed for debugging purposes, you can reset, recreate, repeat, etc. There is another variation of step 5. I've been able to recreate this by going to the Context Toolbar. The most typical action would be to access the Fill or Stroke dialogs, and I've had this happen while actually working on something. (It's a bit difficult for it to happen this way.) However, it doesn't seem to matter where you click-drag within the Context Toolbar; I find the longer blank areas easiest to work with to recreate this bug. In any case, this causes the document to slide down. The important thing that I see is that step 4 gets a highlighting action started (so you need to use a tool that sets up a bounding rectangle). When you start dragging within the outside UI area, the highlighting apparently continues and starts panning the document away from the mouse pointer. Somehow, the bounding action within the document is not being released. Keeping this in mind may help you work out the timing mentioned above. I suspect that it's something of a race condition. Just for fun and out of curiosity, I tried step 5 with the Tools area on the left, and as I expected, the document slid to the right. So, yes--it is indeed moving away from the mouse pointer. Same idea with the bottom area--the document slid up, in fact. This convinces me that it has something to do with the dragging motion within the UI area outside of the document area occurring before the bounding rectangle is set and released. Hope this helps with debugging and finding a fix! In the meantime, the simple workaround is confirmed to be simply clicking anywhere in the document area to reset the scrolling.
  11. Oliver, that sounds very much like what I'm seeing, except zooming out doesn't disrupt the behavior for me. Also, the destination of the spontaneous pan (e.g., upper-left corner in your case) can be at least a few different places. A lot of times, I'm zoomed in enough that I can't see anything at the spontaneous-pan destination. Recently, though, I wasn't zoomed in as much, and that helped me figure out more of what the behavior was doing. Whereas I had thought it was zooming way out, it was panning over like you said. The next time it happens when I'm not zoomed in so much (so I can see at least part of my design work at all times) I'll try more things. Anyway, it's good to know that it's not just me. Thanks! :-) P.S. Many thanks to whoever updated the title!
  12. This has still continued to happen to me once in a while. After studying the effects several more times, I have a better way to describe this bug. Is there a way to update the title of this topic? I was looking to see if I could change it to: sudden, unstoppable runaway scrolling (was: sometimes I get zoomed way out (or panned way up) and Zoom to Fit won't work) Of course, just "sudden, unstoppable runaway scrolling" is good, too. Anyway, that's basically what it's doing. While I'm doing something or other, the content just suddenly starts scrolling in a certain direction (either horizontally or vertically) and won't stop on its own. I've more recently found that I can stop it simply by left-clicking within the canvas. I'm still trying to figure out what's triggering it. It's pretty annoying, but at least I may have a quick workaround now (I will verify this next time it happens). I've ruled out mouse-related problems--it's not locking up or anything like that. I'm pretty sure it's the application itself. I've found no clear pattern, except for this: it usually happens just when I'm clicking into the UI surrounding the canvas area. I can think of at least three UI areas being involved when it happened: layers; color wheel; the upper-left drop-down controls for fill and stroke. If any of the moderators can update the title, that might be a good idea. If anyone else has the same issue, the new problem description would likely be more readily understood. I'd love to know that I'm not the only one. :-) Thanks!
  13. Restarting Firefox did nothing at all. (Now I have 3.82 GB free, so that's nice.) I guess it's not a memory issue, then. Now I've option-scrollwheeled to zoom out, and I can see more of what it's doing. After Zoom to Fit/Selection, I can zoom out, and if I zoom out enough, I can see my content at 0.1% zoom as it rushes off the left edge. I can't zoom out any more than that, so I don't see it for more than a second or two before it disappears. Now I'm going to try to make this stop...I'll add a shape or something. That did it. Now it's not sliding stubbornly. This shape ended up way way way over to the right, in a microscopic size. I deleted it, zoomed to fit, and now I'm all good. So that's the workaround. Very annoying, though. It's happened several times before. (I have a feeling that it wasn't sliding forever. The new shape seemed to be about the same distance from my content, like the last time that I went through this. I suppose it keeps going until it hits an arbitrary limit.) For what it's worth, I'm running Yosemite (10.10.5) on a 27" iMac (late 2013). Unfortunately, I know of no way to recreate this situation. From what I can tell, it happens randomly with no relation to anything I've done, except that something I do triggers it. That thing I do that triggers it is not anything specific (I think it's different every time). I have 5 artboards in this project, and the artboard I was working on had a bunch of shapes that I was arranging (and I had to delete a few of those). I would tend to think that it got overwhelmed, but then again, creating a new shape, like I just did, cleared it all up. That leads me to rule out memory corruption--it's too stable. So, I'm guessing there must be some sort of weird condition that's slipping through some logic flows or something. Maybe it's even timing-sensitive, like a race condition. (Obviously, I'm a programmer.) I'll keep you posted in case I find a pattern.
  14. I just had this happen again a minute ago. To answer your questions, I'm using a Logitech Marble Mouse. I don't think this is a mouse issue, though. This time, I had several shapes in an artboard, and I had just selected one of them (in the Layers studio). I had already worked with several similar shapes, so the actual thing I was doing is likely irrelevant. Anyhow, when I selected it, the content slid all the way off the left edge and now all I see is a white area. My RAM seems a bit full at the moment, so that might have something to do with it. I have 8 GB of RAM, but Firefox is a big memory hog, currently eating up about 2 GB. AD is using only around 280 MB. I'm in Artboard right now, for what it's worth. I have around 820 MB free. Normally, I have about 2-3 GB free. Now, let's see what the situation is. If I hit command-0 (Zoom to Fit) I see the content for a split second, but it immediately slides left. I'm trying to scroll in any direction, but that doesn't appear to do anything. Now I just tried Zoom to Selection (shift-command-0). That was quite a show. I saw my content, zoomed way in on a shape, and then it all slid to the left out of view. The horizontal scroll thumb traveled all the way to the right corner...and kept going! I still have a vertical scroll thumb, but no horizontal scroll thumb. I've tried the Zoom to Selection a couple of times. I can scroll-wheel against it to slow it down, but it will NOT stop. Let's see...what else can I try? Selecting another layer does not help in and of itself. Even selecting an artboard doesn't help. (Zoom to Fit/Selection results in the same sliding motion again). I find that I can even zoom out after Zoom to Fit/Selection if I'm fast, but again, it will not stop sliding. I can also repeat Zoom to Fit/Selection to keep it in view. As soon as I stop repeating it, it finishes sliding. Another interesting thing: after Zoom to Fit/Selection, I can scroll pretty far to the left, so that the thumb travels to the left corner and disappears (the content moves to the right in this case). Once I stop scrolling, there is a delay and then there it is again, coming in from the right and sliding off the left edge as usual. I can also scroll up and down after Zoom to Fit/Selection, but the horizontal movement is not interrupted by that. Note that I probably don't have to do the Zoom to Fit/Selection. I assume that it's sliding forever, but there's no way to know since everything is all white as soon as my content slides out of the viewport. In other words, the only reason I'm doing Zoom to Fit/Selection is so that I can actually see something. That's likely irrelevant to the actual problem, whatever it is. So it appears to me that the viewport is going crazy, going as far right as it can get (possibly forever). Remember, I've also seen all this happen vertically instead of horizontally, so it can happen in any direction. Now AD is at around 380 MB, and even though that's more than what I saw at the beginning of this post, it seems stable. That gives me an idea. When I do a Zoom to Fit/Selection, it spikes up to about 400 MB or so and goes back down. Now, after playing with zoom some more, it's hovering around 390 MB. Next, I'm going to post this, close Firefox to free up memory, and see if that helps or makes a difference.
  15. In Designer, I've run into a serious bug but I don't have a way to recreate it yet. It's happened several times, pretty much randomly. Basically, I'll be working on stuff when all of a sudden the working area just slides down out of view. I've seen this happen just by using a drop-down menu (such as the menu for setting the fill or stroke of a shape, but I can't remember if that was it). Just now it happened on its own while I was in another application, so I have no idea what triggered it this time. Obviously, this can get annoying. Whenever this happens, I'm looking at an empty, white area. The stuff I'm working on is apparently way far down. I can't scroll down to it. I can't even Fit to Zoom--that just makes my stuff show up for a split second, but then it reverts back to the "way far down" place. Eventually, I can somehow get it back to normal by adding something or other. This time, I simply created a new artboard, and then I was able to zoom around again. When I did the Zoom to Fit, I found my newly created artboard at the upper-left and my real artwork at the lower-right, and the latter was VERY tiny. I think I was at 5% zoom at that point. Is this a known bug? If I can find a way to recreate this, I'll post again here.
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