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  1. Sorry for the complete novice post - I'm utterly confused and have watched the tutorial videos but can't seem to find one that does what I want to do (I'm not even sure if what I want to do is a 'thing'!) I am a hand-lettering lettering artist, and I want to be able to digitise my work so that they can be used for website logos etc. I have been told I need to scan them in, and then use a software like Affinity to turn it into a vector, which will then allow me to enlarge it without it becoming pixelated. How do I do that?! And how do I select the black writing to make it black (I guess from the scan at the moment it's a little grey - I need to change the levels to make the black, blacker)? And then move the logo around?! All help gratefully received by this confused beginner!

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