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  1. Hi baminga, Yes, I tried that, and absolutely nothing happened. I keep going back and recreating the initial mask and try different parameters and so far I do not get a good edge. I will however try using paths and see where the feather appears, because my belief is the problem starts there, and I mentioned that in my initial posting. In my book a feather should always be centred upon the original edge thereby blending a proportion of each image layer, and this is primary why a single pixel feather seems a constant for creating a believable edge. I want this program to succeed as I am impressed with how far it has gone to date, and believe the impetus exists to make it. I cannot get back to it just now due to other activities, but as soon as I can, I will.
  2. I have found that Affinity Photo does not always give a high quality edge mask and this would be improved by shrinking the mask AFP has created by shrinking it, is there a means already available that would allow this? I searched and could not find any way to effect this. I noted also that the Feather seems to work on the outside of the mask edge, whereas if there is no way to define whether the mask is feathered from inside or outside the edge, it would be better defaulted to the centre rather than the outside, which currently means part of the background is allowed through which rarely ideal. I feel that when using the image to define where the mask falls needs the ability to be resized to suit where the feather is made. Currently working from high resolution images where the Web is the end result AFP works acceptably, but that is not the case for work appearing in Print. Unless as I mentioned I simply have not yet found your means of resizing the mask.
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