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  1. I have downloaded the trial version and spent a few hours testing it. I expect that it will replace my Photoshop CS5 since I hate subscription plans and sending my info to a cloud. I enclose a real lousy picture scanned from an old negative. I would like to see a good filter that - at least - can delete all the narrow scratches. I takes too long time to use e.g. the healing bush. And I promise I will buy Affinity Photo as soon as you publish a pdf manual. I do not like Help menus and Video Tutorials take far too much time and are also linear in nature, while a pdf file can be accessed anywhere in an instant. Although I have to admit that your video tutorials are good! 20.jpg.zip
  2. When i open a .dng file from a negative scanned with Vuescan and Nikon Coolscan it opens in 241x173 pixels while the original is 2418x1730 pixels. The same file opens correctly in other apps such as Photoshop CS5, Graphic Converter etc. Any solution? 01.dng.zip