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  1. Thanks! The problem with searching is that since I don't know what things are called, it's hard to find. And english is not my first language either. Regarding the videos, I need spoken aid, only music is not enough for me. I wish to know why you choose this over that and why certain tools are not visible unless such and so. Only then can I learn why I should do things, and how to do them efficient and correct. What I need to learn pretty quick is how to use a scanned, quite detailed drawing that I made and make it into a design ready for print. I need my to track the lines of my own design, right now I don't need the premade shapes and such (unless they by any chance I do not know make things easier for me). I'd appreciate all specific tips and do's and don'ts. So believe me, I am grateful. And I bought the program today, so I am not giving up. :)
  2. Is there some sort of manual for us that are completely new to AD and has no knowledge of AI etc. either? I am trying to watch the many videos on youtube, but I find the background music on most of them seriously interfering and I find no continuity. There's just so overwhealmingly many things here that I don't understand.
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