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  1. Hi there, Anyway you could share that link on how you fixed it? I'm having a problem opening up preferences for Affinity Photo since 1.6.6... it doesn't crash per se but it hangs and I can't get out of the app unless I quit or force quit. It doesn't even show the pref window it just hangs up the entire app. Nothing is clickable etc. I can quit it most times but I have to resort to a Force Quit. I've since reinstalled the app via the app store but it didn't correct the problem and I've restarted the Mac several times. I did download the NIK plugins from Google and had them installed for previous versions of Photo but I noticed in 1.6 they disappeared after upgrade. I went to reinstall them and this is when the preference issue started. Don't know if it's related but I haven't had a problem with Photo acting up this way. Trying to retrace my steps and this is the only thing I was doing/installing etc before this issue. Thanks
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    Duplicate rotation

    Hi, I've noticed that when you duplicate using the command + j of an object that has the centre point moved (let's say to one end of a line that you have drawn), rotate it one degree and keep duplicating (say you want to have 360º of lines like in compass), it introduces a fraction once and a while. I'm just getting to know Designer and I was testing the duplicate command. I wanted to have 360 lines corresponding to 360º on a compass and every 2nd or 4th duplication (it's not always consistent), I get a fraction introduced to the next line. For example, I draw a line vertically, convert it to curves, move the centre point to the base of the line, rotate it 1º and then duplicate it, 2º, 3º and then it duplicates it 4.1º! Am I missing a setting or step in the process??? Attached Pic: notice in the transform pane the R: field is showing 110.1º after duplicating it from 108º, 109º then poof 110.1º. I have to manually correct it then move on duplicating it. I also notice this will only work with a line that has been converted to curves. The process won't even work at all if the line is just kept as a line. Duplicating it gets even weirder if it isn't converted!!! Duplicate problem.tiff

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