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  1. It´s not only the bulge effect, it´s the entire warp effects list that I showed above (bulge, arc, wave, flag...). Designs like this ones would be 10x harder to do in Affinity designer. I do think it's a basic feature for designers. Way more important than a lot of other features that Affinity designer does have. The fact that even MS Word has it means it´s a basic feature.
  2. Hello! Is there any update on the hebrew/arab type support yet? I saw a post from 2014 saying that it was planned. We are entering 2017. Thank you.
  3. How come is this thing not available, this is like, basic needs!?
  4. I want to create the effect bellow with Affinity designer: In Adobe Illustrator i just go to effects-arc-bulge. Is there a corresponding way to do this in Affinity?

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