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  1. David4 - The ARW open in RPP 64 - how do you send them directly to Affinity Photo?
  2. Hi there - Is there going to be support for RAW with Sony a6300 ARW. I can't seem to open them now. It is a new camera but I would imagine that you would support it - It appears the other comanies now support it - Sony a6300 Raw files are supported in:• Lightroom CC 2015.5 & Lightroom 6.5 add Sony a6300 Raw Support • Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 adds Sony a6300 Raw Support • Capture One Pro 9.1 adds Sony a6300 Raw Support • Sony Image Data Converter 4.2.05 – Free Download for MAC | WIN Would be really nice if Affinity would support it too. Please let me know Thanks Jim Robinson
  3. Thanks for that info - but not sure if that is the answer to my question. It appears that Sony's newest camera uses a newer version of ARW RAW - When I pull it into AF - the Exposure is way too dark. This doesn't happen with the older version of ARW that I was getting from my older A7s camera. Was wondering if this will be updated soon? It appears Lightroom and Aperture have just updated theirs.
  4. Hi- Just bought a new camera that writes to Sony's new ARW - RAW format - I can open the files with Affinty but the exposure information is not working - they open almost completely dark - The last version of the ARW files from a Sony A7s work as expected. Will this be something that could be updated soon? It is new though - My Mac doen't upport it unless I upgrade to El Capitain - which I read in the Sony forums is supported in that OS.
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