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  1. Please add SVG SMIL export to Affinity Designer for exporting frame by frame animations, like the Adobe Animate CC plugin Flash2SVG does ( https://github.com/TomByrne/Flash2Svg ) . Thanks
  2. Animations are very important today. There is a growing demand for vector animations everywhere, from the web to mobile UI to videogames assets. Read this article on Medium for an overview on the subject: https://medium.com/@fmuaddib/the-following-are-the-possible-ways-to-create-professional-animations-in-svg-9d4caca5f4ec Affinity Designer should add a simple frame by frame animation system, with onion skinning overlay editing and automated in-between generation with morphing, like the one that CACANi already offers. It should also provide SVG SMIL export for the resulting animation, like the Animate CC plugin Flash2SVG. Thanks in advance.
  3. A Standard layer definition is currently being discussed by the SVG Working Group for the new SVG 2.0 specs. You can read the discussion here: https://github.com/w3c/svgwg/issues/68 It would be helpful if someone from the Affinity Designer development team would join the discusion. This is a very important issue. We need a standard for SVG interoperability.