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  1. Hi, The corner tool doesn't seem to "scale with object" if i use it and resize a vector, do i need to do something to make resize in proportion to the rest of the object? if so can i make it set a default? any help is much appreciated. Thanks Karl
  2. Hi MEB, It worked, thank you. But is there anyway to set it as default? Thanks Karl
  3. Hey Callum, I'm using the Gaussian blur tab next to my layers tab. see attached. I've worked out (with the help of the forum) to be able to make the stroke scale in proportion just not the G blur. if you see from the two examples i have attached one is original size the other is scaled up, the blur doesn't scale in proportion. Thanks Karl
  4. Hi, Is there a way to make gaussian blur scale in proportion to everything else when you resize a vector image in affinity designer? I'm finding that i have to constantly go back into the image and change all the items that have gaussian blur so that the image looks the same as it did when it was smaller/bigger. Thanks
  5. Hey Chris, Thank you for testing it. When the machine wakes up AD beta doesn't actually crash straight away, but the canvas is blank, then when I close it I get the AD Crash message, when I get home from work this evening i'll try and upload some screen shots. Thanks
  6. Well I guess you could say yes as the tablet does double up as an "external monitor". https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ugee-UG2150-Resolution-Rechargeable-Protector/dp/B01E3QJ11A/ref=sr_1_1_sspa/258-3018046-9396955?ie=UTF8&qid=1508412183&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=ugee+2150&psc=1 This is the product.
  7. I have a MacBook pro, with the latest version of Sierra and a Ugee 2150 Graphics Tablet.
  8. So I tried the 1.6 beta last night and the new "stability" option on the Pencil tool is brilliant, really really helped. Any idea when the MAS version will be released? Only issue I found is that the 1.6 bets crashes when your screen goes idle. Thanks again.
  9. Ah ok, I get you. Thank you for your help, I will keep you update with the testing
  10. Hi Chris, Thank you for your reply, I will try the 1.6 beta. the line above, do you mean you will be releasing the 1.6 beta a the MAS version or an updated 1.6 beta version?
  11. Hello I am a huge huge fan of Affinity Designer, and have been using it religiously for over a year now. But I have recently purchased a Ugee 2150 graphics and when I draw a line it is very jittery and not smooth. Are there any settings I can use to help stop this issue? My other question is, are there any tutorials about on the best way to set up your brush and the best tool to use for graphic tablet drawing? I have the affinity designer manual but can't seem to find anything on this. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Karl
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