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  1. Dear James, Many thanks for the reply. I look forward to the release of the 1.5 version of Photo. How soon is 'soon'? Cheers, Tim
  2. Dear Affinity Support: Between Aperture and Photoshop, I am having a very difficult time understanding how to diagnose and repair the images that I shoot in RAW. As a result, I'm looking for some new software. I hope Affinity Photo might be an option. Please see the attached screenshot as a typical example. You can see the "speckles" of white, especially on the left-hand side of the image. My question is: 1) What technical term should I use to describe the "speckles"? 2) Is there a feature in Affinity Photo that would easily let me remove them? Aperture has the "retouch" brush, but that means I have to do it for every single dot. Photoshop has a 'dust remover', but in applying that, it also distorts the image. Any and all answers/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tim
  3. I don't get any message about color profiles in Designer. Attached is a screenshot of my Color Profiles settings.
  4. PS: The file is an animated Gif, so when I open it in Affinity, it is showing the middle frame; in Fireworks, it shows the first, hence the difference in the two images. Attached is a screenshot showing the exact same thing.
  5. Dear TonyB, Please find attached a screenshot of the same file opened in Fireworks and Affinity Designer as seen on the same Apple Cinema Display Monitor. Cheers, Tim
  6. Dear TonyB, I don't understand the significance of the color looking the same in Affinity and after export. Can you clarify? What I'm referring to is the color difference between Affinity and the Fireworks file. If you look at the first image in the original post, you'll see what I'm talking about: the Fireworks file has a red that is a 'dark burgundy' (the correct color) but in Affinity it is a much brighter red. I'm using an "old school" Apple Cinema Display. The display profile is 'Cinema Display Calibrated'. Thank you for your continued assistance. Cheers, Tim
  7. Dear TonyB, You are a wizard! Changing the View Quality fixed the image issue. Thank you very much. Attached is the Fireworks banner from the original post. Cheers, Tim
  8. Dear TonyB, Thank you for the reply. I've attached above the original Fireworks PNG logo and a screenshot of what happens when I shrink that same logo in Fireworks and in Affinity Designer: again notice the color difference and the pixelation. (How do I attach new media to a reply? I see the "My Media" link, but I couldn't figure out how to add new media to 'My Media'.) Best, Tim
  9. Dear Support Team: I'm in the process of trying to transition from Fireworks to Affinity Designer, but I'm having some difficulty. Please see the attachment. I've laid a Fireworks window over the Affinity Designer workspace. Both images are at 100% and both use the same logo (American Overseas School of Rome). However, notice that the logo in Affinity Designer is grossly pixelated and the color red is much brighter. Can you help me understand why this might be happening? Many thanks for your time and assistance. Best, Tim
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