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  1. Rizronk

    Mask edges

    I proceed like this, but it's not very effective. Video attached. Untitled 9.avi
  2. Rizronk

    Mask edges

    Hi Sean P, I checked "Use precise clipping", no change. I attach files. My Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 untitled.afdesign untitled.afphoto
  3. Mask edges are not masked. More in the video. Untitled 7.avi
  4. The new version can not be opened in the old version. why?
  5. Rizronk

    no bleed

    Thank you
  6. Rizronk

    no bleed

    Without bleeding see video. Affinity Designer 2018-11-21 12-23-11.mp4
  7. without an answer... Photoshop CC :-) Dansk Deutsch English Español French French * עברית * Magyar Italiano Nederlands Norsk Polski Português (Brasil) Suomi Svenska Türkçe Українська Čeština Русский levné a * Japonská zjednodušená čínština tradiční čínština 한국어
  8. I'd like interface translated into Czech. It is possible?
  9. I'd like interface translated into Czech. It is possible?
  10. I am waiting for the release of Windows versions. Affinity can translate the application into your language?