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  1. It seems like a whole lot of people are missing the Spiral tool! Add me to the list. That was such a handy tool and fun too!!!
  2. Can you be more specific about where to find these posts? I see a lot of people are interested in the spiral tool so anything that would be a help in manual creation would be very nice. Alfred, I agree with you, that Blend tool was genius!! It's sad to see DrawPlus go by the wayside because it has so many excellent tools - ones I've never seen in other programs. I'm still having a hard time with the dark interface in AD. I can't tell if I have a tool selected or not. Black on a slightly lighter shade of black is difficult to see. It's too bad they didn't give us a REAL choice here.
  3. I would like to see a Spiral tool added under the Pen tool. That was one of the very best features in DrawPlus and would make a wonderful addition to Affinity Designer. The folks on my forum used it... a lot.. and we all miss it. Please give us a Spiral tool in AD. :D
  4. Honestly, I don't want to have to remember even more keyboard shortcuts, especially when it would be so easy to pop it on a menu. I know I can duplicate a layer but... when there are a lot of layers and you have many objects, it can take a little searching to find the right object. I feel that if a program can be made easier to use, it should be done. I have added it to the feature request list.
  5. OH my gosh! How could I get your name wrong when my uncle's name is Alfred! My bad, and my apologies. My forum has been on-line since 2000 or 2001 - and we were all PhotoImpact users. Some of the original members are still there which is a testament to the forum. When Ulead sold PhotoImpact to Jace, they in turn sold it to Corel who decided to discontinue it. So, we spent a lot of time searching for something we felt was comparable. That's when we found DrawPlus. We all liked it a lot. On May 27, 2015 I switched the forum and my web pages to DrawPlus and we started learning it. Need
  6. It would also be nice to have the Duplicate command in the popup for those of who do not use shortcut keys. It might be easier for you to duplicate something using the keyboard shortcut but it's not that easy for those of us who are not keyboard shortcut people. If you read my other comments, you will know that I cannot use CTRL+J with one hand which means I have to take my hand off the mouse and look for the keys in order to duplicate an image.
  7. Albert, we were just in the learning stages with DrawPlus. We started using it in my forum a year ago in May. We were slowly working our way through the various aspects of the program and hadn't gotten that far. It was a huge change for us since we were all PhotoImpact users. However, if we had spotted that rotate thing, we would have known immediately what it was because it refers to the canvas. I do hope they will clarify that on the AD menu. They have that Rotate left/right on two different menus, once on the popup and again on the View menu. It's a bit overkill to have it in two pla
  8. I think the terminology is a bit confusing. When I go to Open\New, I get a screen that defines my "document" but now you're calling it a "canvas"? Perhaps one or the other needs to be changed to be consistent. Most of the tutorials I've seen say to open a new "document". Thanks for explaining that the document/canvas is supposed to rotate like that. I've never seen that feature before. It would be most helpful if the popup menu said what you are rotating though. Since we usually work with objects, I would assume, if I had an object selected, that is what would be rotated. Just addin
  9. I was sort of poking around in AD and somehow, I rotated my entire document window. So, I closed that document and went looking for what I did to cause that. It turn out that a right-click anywhere on the screen and selecting "Rotate Left (or right) moves the entire document instead of just the active image. Is it supposed to do that? If so, what is the purpose? Why would one want to rotate their entire document like that? I'm attaching an image just in case I didn't make myself clear.
  10. But, does it do that for you? Do you always see what's in the paste board area without having to toggle a switch?
  11. P.S. I know I can just click the \ key to toggle it off and on but again, that's still an extra and unnecessary action that doesn't need to be.
  12. I hope this isn't intentional! I use the areas around my canvas to drag images that I may/may not want to use later. I find it comes in very handy. When I save my file, then re-open it later, I expect to see those extra images still there. Technically, they are there but each and every time I open the program, I have to go to View\View Mode\ and uncheck Click to Canvas. This is very frustrating. Three extra clicks before I can do anything else. I turned it off and saved my default settings again thinking this would keep that option unchecked but that didn't work. Most programs wil
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