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  1. Hi all, Forgive me for asking a possibly taboo question, but I am wondering if any of you know if there are presets available for purchase that work with Affinity Photo. A lot of the photographers I work with use Lightroom, and they swear by their Mastin Labs presets. I am starting to feel at a major disadvantage for not using Lightroom with purchased presets, mainly from a time saving standpoint. The Mastin Labs settings really seem to take their editing to a new level - one I am frankly having a hard time reaching on my own. I am considering moving my work over to Lightroom because of the compatibility it has with things like this. Thank you!
  2. I would love if someone would please post some tips on editing black and white photos. Using tools to edit contrasts, highlights, shadows, exposure, etc. for the best black and white results. Thank you!