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  1. Hi - What version of OS X are you running? ** 10.11.3 Are you using a keyboard shortcut to minimise or are you clicking the yellow button? ** Yellow button or from menu the same issue Have you got Affinity Designer and does that exhibit the same behaviour? (If you don't have it you can always download the trial and use that). **Do not have that application Could you try creating a new user profile and try to see if you get the same behaviour with that one? ** I cannot find any resource that explains how to do this so have not done it.
  2. Reliably, i.e. 100% of the time, if I minimise the application, whatever the status of work in it, it goes to my lock screen and all my programs close. I am so used to minimising programs that I manage to trigger this event A LOT. Otherwise a great program is really annoying me and losing me lots of time. I have really bought into the concept of your software vs the Adobe suite so hope that a bug like this is resolved promptly. Cheers.
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