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  1. No, I already drew a couple of lines. Only when I started adding new layers this issue appeared. And I also checked - the lines are drawn with a weight of 1 pt. When I select them "blindly" (CMD+A) the also show a weight of 1 pt, but are only drawn when I change the weight to a new value...
  2. Something weird is going on - the line does not seem to be drawn. I selected everything with CMD+a and the lines are actually there. When I now use the selection-tool they seem normal. So I played around a bit and it turns out that when I change the width to a new value the lines get actually drawn and stay - even though they had a width of 1pt all along...
  3. I am using the Pen-tool and am also using [esc]ape to exit the dialog.
  4. Once every minute the UI will suddenly slow down and have a gigantic lag of a couple of seconds when zooming in and out of the image. Please fix this! Half the time I can zoom just fine, half the time the UI is just super slow. I have a 1 month old MacBook Pro with Yosemite and 16GB RAM, SSD. This should not happen.
  5. I cannot create new lines. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create 2 new layers 2. draw a line on layer 1 3. lock layer 1 4. double-click on layer 2, so it is selected 5. draw a line on layer 2 6. click anywhere on the canvas (so the newly drawn line is not selected anymore) what happens: The line, which was drawn in layer 2 disappears and is nowhere to be found(also not in layer 1) expected behavior: The line on layer 2 should still be visible and editable
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