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  1. Thats it, You have it essentially correct. AWESOME JOB !! ... Of course there is probably some tweaking to do but it looks like you have combined the color channels successfully. Please let us know how you did it? Those jagged diagonal lines are there because I converted the images from FITS (an astronomy specific file format) to TIFFS in a demo program that places those line until you buy the product. This is great! Thanks, John Freeman
  2. Thank you for the tries and replies. I have uploaded a color image of the scene combined in a program called Nebulosity(it still needs some tweaking). In Photoshop and an astrophotography program that I have used (Nebulosity), you bring in each monochrome image made with the respective filter (L,R,G,B) into its proper channel (the channels are in a color management module). Once they are combined the image looks fairly normal (like an image made with a normal color camera). You can adjust the levels to get a more "correct" image. From all the various functions in Affinity Photo, I know the power to do this is in the program, I just can figure out the proper sequence. Your image with its overall red cast over the background may be on the right track, but I think you need to back down the heavy red and see if combination colors start coming out. The photo is taking through a telescope down a hall into a dim room so I am trying to use the low light ability of the camera. I am just hoping I can find a good way to do this in Affinity Photo. Thanks all for their efforts and once someone feels they are getting close (as crabtree may be) please post the work flow. Thanks, John Freeman combinedneb.tif.zip
  3. Ok I have zipped up the l, r, g, b files of a piece of china on the wall. The levels of each may need to be adjusted before combining but they should work for people to experiment with a workflow. Thanks everyone for trying to help. John Freeman Memphis,TN l,r,g,b.zip
  4. Leigh, Thank you so much for replying. I have not tried that but will. I have attached L, R, G, B tiffs of a piece of china on the wall in my house (I am testing my equipment before going after the stars). The levels are not adjusted and especially the blue is very dark as I did not adjust the exposure time. These are done with a monochrome chip with the different L,R,G, B filters. I have successfully combined the different pictures in an astronomy program called Nebulosity and the colors look appropriate. My understanding of the normal workflow for combining these images is to adjust levels and then combine them by assigning them to different channels. If using the masks how do you add the appropriate color to the mask before combining them? Also, I am a little confused as to the luminance channel. Is this interchangeable with the alpha channel (I am revealing my total ignorance here). Does it need to be colored before combination or is the black and white ok? Thanks so much. Hopefully I will attach the files properly. They have little diagonal lines in them because I had to convert them from "FITS" files (the camera makes fits files) into Tiffs and the program I used is a trial program and adds those lines until you pay for it. Thanks John Freeman Memphis,TN Ugh, I just tried to upload files and it said I am not permitted to upload this kind of file. They were not too large so I am not sure how to accomplish the upload.
  5. Hello, Forgive me if this has been explained elsewhere but I have searched and cannot find. I am getting into astrophotography and trying to use Affinity Photo for some of the processing. I am trying to find a clear, reliable way to combine the monochrome images taken with different filters as many people do typically with photoshop. I have the 4 different monochrome images converted to 16 bit tiffs ( L, R, G, B ) and looking for best way to combine them into a color image. Thanks for any tips and pointers. John Freeman Memphis, TN
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