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  1. Fabio

    Nik disapears

    It Works !!! Thanks so much Meb !! Have a wonderful Christmas !
  2. Fabio

    Nik disapears

    Thanks Meb for your quick reply: 1. Keeping the ctrl button pressed and launching the Affinity app, does not have any effect and the app is not executed. 2. I'm afraid the problem is quite more serious; selecting Affinity Photo Preferences the application crashes (here below attached the crash details ..)! AffinityPhotoPreferences_Crash.pdf
  3. Fabio

    Nik disapears

    I've got the same issue .. After a Mac upgrade to Sierra some of the Nik Collections plugins (the most used by me ..) disappeared ... Did someone solve somehow ?
  4. I'm trying to design an "O" letter in gothic style and fill the inside as transparent. I've tried using two modified concentric circles but if I fill in the external one with black and the internal as transparent, all the letter is filled in black (the background of the internal circle is the external black one ..) .. any idea or help ? Maybe I'm missing some simple method .. Thanks !

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