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  1. I have what should be a fairly simple request. I would like the ability, when exporting a Tiff file, to be able to save it with the extension .TIF rather than .TIFF (i.e. the ability to use either). Currently when you try to change the extension, it will give you a warning and append a .TIFF extension on anyway. Why is this important? It's important for integration with some third party software, particularly Capture One. When using Capture One's "Edit With" functionality, Capture One uses the .TIF extension. When trying to save the edited file back out of Affinity Photo, you can only save as .TIFF so you can't save back over the edited file, meaning you then have to go to the finder and delete the .TIF version and rename the .TIFF version manually. This can also cause some problems in Capture One, because it get's confused. this could be avoided by being able to just save with the extension .TIF This currently works for Jpeg files, as you're allowed use either .JPG or .JPEG, so I'm suggesting that this be extended to work with Tiff files also One other related feature that I would love see too is the ability to change formats when saving, in the same way photoshop can, so that for example, you can save as a Tiff rather than having to go through the export process. Obviously you could get warnings telling you that you will loose some compatibility. This would also aid when using Affinity Photo with other software such as Capture One or Lightroom. Being able to save in the format that the document is currently in (with appropriate warnings) without having to go through the export process would be a real timesaver. Thanks, and I'm a big fan of this excellent software!

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