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  1. Hello everybody! I'm about to color a technical drawing in Designer, but before I set sail I would like to check with you guys if i'm thinking in the right way :) The drawing is pretty complex so I wanna make sure I don't mess something up in the beginning so I have to redo things later. Any suggestions is much appreciated! So the outlines are in vector. But the coloring of areas needs to be done in Pixel persona because the paths are bit of a mess (I think the drawing is exported from Cad). I want to be able to change the coloring and to keep them in separate layer. So my thought was to select all, duplicate the layer and convert it into a pixel layer. One layer for the primary fill color and then another one for a darker shadow color. But my problem is how would I be able to delete the outlines from the pixel layers later and to only be left with the coloring? I see that you can select areas by color in Affinity for Ipad, but don't seem to be able to do it on the desktop version. Should I for example make the outlines for the primary color in a completely different color so I can easily select and delete it later on the Ipad version? And then do the same on the layer where the shadows are? Thanks in advance! /Olof
  2. Hey Callum! Thanks for responding. I noticed that you could indeed kinda select areas by colour in the pixel persona in AD or in AP. So I made one rasterized layer with strong red outlines. Once finished colouring on that layer, I used Colour Range->Select Reds and got rid of the outlines, left were only the coloured areas on that layer! I guess that only works well if you use a colour with a clear contrast to the one you want to get rid of. In my case the coloured areas were a bright blue so it did the trick. /Olof