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  1. Hi Chris. I use 15 of the 17 photos and hardly finished the panorama creation. I've tried to create a 16 photo panorama and then I got hang my iMac again.


    I notice an info in the right lower section of the screen that say:


    Memory pressure: 100%

    Memory efficiency: 506%


    Both of them were increasing each second and when "Memory pressure" reached the 100% the iMac stopped working. 


    I have attached an screen shot of this last moment.


  2. I bought this program yesterday through Apple app store. I'm trying to create a panorama using 17 jpg fotos. The preview is fine but when it goes to the render process, a status bar appear and it hangs the whole iMac. A hard reset is need it to go out the AFFINITY photo. I have tried other set of photos and it works fine. I've tried to contact technical support but looks like this is the only support we have so far....




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