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  1. Add me to the list of people wanting a trace feature, please. I'm new to Affinity and have never tried Illustrator, but reading various things from people who DO use AI, a majority of them mention how great the trace feature is.
  2. That's what I thought...and that's what I did. Must be doing something wrong. At this point, the whole post has changed into a different subject ;). That's sure not to say that I don't appreciate everyone's input and suggestions....but I'm still wanting to find out if anyone knows how to create a translucent image like glass or bubbles. I work at it every day and have yet to make the 'discovery'. Hopefully time and practice will show the way. Thank you to everyone.
  3. @BlauerClaus...I did click that button and my image uploaded, but it was only text, no image. So when I did a preview of my message, I was expecting to be able to see the actual image, but it didn't work. Frustrating. As you can see, I was able to do it in my very first post, but cannot seem to do it anymore. Thanks, though.
  4. Yes, thanks...I did try that. I'll either figure it out or just forget about it. I appreciate your time. Have a great day/night...whatever it is for you wherever you are. :)
  5. Thank you. really wanted to post what I was finally able to achieve! I don't use a photo hosting site, so perhaps if I wait, I will be allowed to do so directly on here. I wonder why/how I was able to attach a photo with my very first post? I appreciate your time and input. (no apologies about bad English...it is my only language, so you are more educated than me. I know many who use English as their first and only language and manage to butcher it worse than anyone who might speak it as a second language)
  6. Thank so much for your for your response. You did offer some helpful thoughts. I don't use Affinity Photo. I have watched the tutorial that you suggested, and it actually DID lead me forward in what I'm looking to do. I have watched most all of the videos, and some of them several times, each. The photo I included in my post was not from a sample, but a screen shot from one of the tutorials, so it gives no sequence of construction. I will take a look at the rest of the ideas you put forth. Yesterday, finally, after many tries, I was finally able to create this. I am pleased with it, but my
  7. Hello, I am learning Affinity Designer and have bookmarked all the tutorials online. I have learned a lot so far, but now am struggling with trying to learn how to create a translucent image like a lens or a piece of glass. I have not found one lesson for this and would sure appreciate some help. This screenshot was taken from one of the Affinity videos, but unfortunately it was teaching something other than what I am wanting to learn. This shows the type of technique I'm searching for....the bubbles and the obvious plastic parts. Thank you in advance,
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