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  1. mlostek

    iOS9 App Icon Template

    Oh great! Thank you very much!
  2. mlostek

    iOS9 App Icon Template

    How did you create that document. I am trying somethign similar now, but i dont know how you created the embedded layer that has to be double clicked and is referenced multiple times with different scaling. Can you tell me how you - created that embedded layer - are referencing that embedded layer Thanks!
  3. mlostek

    iOS9 App Icon Template

    I am having some artifacts around the border.
  4. mlostek

    iOS9 App Icon Template

    Awesome work!!! but would it be possible to export the icons with the area around the borders being fully transparent? (then you could use this for android icons too!)
  5. Hello, in the welcome screen the user is able to download some examples. I have downloaded them, but now i want to remove them from my hdd in order to free up the space. Where are those examples saved?

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