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  1. Thanks, where is the "more" button please?
  2. Does a CMYK print version PDF automatically insert the margins/crop marks for printing? My printer has asked for these. This is a large scale print so I want to check before I convert to PDF. Thanks for your help
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    Could you tell me how much the volume licensing is for Affinity Designer? You virtually have to enrol to find out more information. At this stage I am only trying to find out information... Thanks
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    Thanks, so if I purchase via the link you gave above, that will cover either 5 licences for home use, or 2 commercial, correct? If more were wanted would it be better to go and purchase via the Volume licensing link you sent from the start/ie. now? My Apple ID is personal, so if another in the company wants to use the 2nd ID can they go via the volume licensing link?
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    Thanks that's useful to know - I can see Affinity Photo on the Mac App Store site, but not Affinity Design: http://www.apple.com/uk/osx/apps/app-store/ Will the licenses not be credited by buying Affinity Design directly from Affinity? Or are you saying this only applies when purchased from the App store. If so, can you tell me how I might purchase it to get the licence as you describe?
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    Please could you let me know how many licences you can get with this programme?
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    Thank you for coming back so quickly. I thought the countdown would begin when I opened the programme (as opposed to downloading), so I've made a mistake here. Do you know when the next update is going to be?
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    Hi, I downloaded the trail but it says "trial expired" but I haven't even opened it as yet. Please can you help? I need to appraise this for potential use for a current and future projects. Also, if we decide to go ahead, is it possible to purchase the disk? Many thanks!
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    Hi, I am about to use the trail version and have a question. I was hoping to just be able to quickly call support with this but I see you don't have a contact number so hopefully you will find my question and be able to answer it here: If I start a piece of work and the trial ends before I purchase will the work I have done so far be lost and the new version starts from scratch? Or can I just purchase after the trial and carry on? Also, where in tutorials can I find out about setting up a document for large print? I need to create a roll-up banner and want to be clear that I get the dimensions right from the start. Many thanks