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  1. Thank you a lot. Now it works as per your instructions!!!
  2. Thank you. The other big problem I found is that the same .svg containing text is shown in a different font family in Firefox compared to Chrome. I am referring to the same .svg that you were inspecting. As a result of changing font family and style all my efforts of masking part of the first letter failed. Orange background is partially exposed, "dot" is shown, and masking is moved up a bit eating the top part of letter D. Can you please have a look at this problem as well?
  3. Do you think that it can be fixed? Waiting a response from you.
  4. Some of the capture apps add an empty border with no image. If you want, I can a little video for you. Please let me know. Thank you Alex
  5. Hi, I skipped step 7 and pasted into the existing not blank document. I use Affinity Designer to make website mockups. Thank you, Alex
  6. I have sent to you two psd, I think with 'w' for web has a displaced patch at the very end. All of them are shown in different font in Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  7. Thank you. It would be really good if you could support it. I use Affinity Designer only to make .svg with a clear backgrounds for websites.
  8. Thank you for your quick response. I do see a checkerboard pattern background, the problem starts when I export in svg format for web. On a light grey background I can see "blend mode erase patches" which are not visible in Affinity Designer. They they are white on a light grey background. - [EDIT ] link removed -. This site is under construction. Please do not make it public. The other problem is that the right side patch is displaced. Letter T should have cut under 45 degrees top corner, on exported psd it is shifted to the right side and does not cover end of the letter T and red parallelogram in the top left corner is out of proportions(much bigger) in relation to the text. Thank you. Alex.
  9. After applying this method I am able on a transparent background I am able to see the patches applied in blending (erase) mode. Can you please explain how to leave 100% transparent background after applying your method. May be it is a bug? Thank you for your help. Alex
  10. BUG: Affinity Designer Crashes after copy & paste of selected window capture. I have try several screen capture applications (for example Voila, Jing) and all available Chrome extensions. All of them after you paste copied from clipboard screen capture selection to Affinity Designer window cause Affinity Designer crash or pastes an empty window. The selected area copy and paste only worked with only one app Snagit.
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