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    Exporting to eps,

    Oh oh, you are so right, MikeW. It is in pt. I still don´t know how to solve my problem, but i will think about and hopefully find out. Otherwise i will ask again ... Thank you
  2. Chris Franken

    Exporting to eps,

    Mmhm, ok. As i need an eps for the client, i now do have the next problem. I want to export an artboard with 5000by5000px. The result i do get is an eps with just 1200by1200px. How is that to explain? I choose the artboard, then export as an eps for export (not for print/web...).
  3. Chris Franken

    Exporting to eps,

    v_kyr, you make me feel ashamed : ) Thank you for answering such a stupid question. As a photographer i am too new to this vector-stuff, but i love it!
  4. I need to export designer vectors to the eps-format. The problem is: The source document is in pixels (px). When i expert to eps, the eps-file is in points (pt), but i need in pixel. I can open the eps and change it from pt to px, but when i then want to save it, i can just save an .designer file and i am back to where i came from. Is there a solution to it? Am i missing something?? Thnx for help!*!
  5. I am not very educated in Designer, but i thought i will manage to make some Businesscards and get them printed. So i made a file with artboards for different layouts and front-and backsides of the cards. At the end i exported the artboards as a tiff to send them to the printer. Problem: the tiffs are 1mm bigger in each direction. Where is the problem? Can anyone help? Thanks, Chris Franken
  6. Hi MEB! Thak you for your reply Sorry, that doesn´t work in my case. I am not able to export a layered tiff. Which options ever i use, the result will be a flattened tiff. If i export as a layered psd, lightroom will find it, but instead of the picture it shows up in Lightroom as a white frame. Is there a bug in my software?
  7. I am working with Affinity Photo and Lightroom. I would like to save layered tiff or psd dokuments in AP, so that i can find them and work on them back in Lightroom. AP is not able to do that. So i have to save my pictures in afphoto-format. But now there is no way to find my pictures again besides from the Finder. Even the AP-own Media Browser does not show afphoto-files!!! How can that be? Is there a media browser in the market, that let´s me find my afphoto-pictures again? Thanx..