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    inpaint cause crash

    Hi. I've been trying out Affinity Photo for a few days, and while astonished by the Inpaint Brush feature, found out it causes the app to crash when trying to do the following: 1. use Inpaint Brush to remove some spot on image 2. export to PNG It's often okay on some particular images, or if the inpainted area is small. However, I found several images that always cause the crash, when inpainted upto some particular amount of area. It usually crashes when I click the "export" button on the export window, but sometimes even just opening the export window causes the crash. The image is not that large -- 320x478 JPEG files -- and I'm just trying out with my personal photos for fun. Tried a dozen times, with several other images, after restarting the app, after reboot, even tried re-installing Affinity Photos. Still the same. Tested with Affinity Photo Trial 1.4, on OS X 10.10.5.