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  1. I am soooo frustrated with this 'soft proofing' and NO ONE helping! Sure, I have used soft proofing. Have you, Big_Stan, attempted to have the exported image match what comes out as the .tiff and then open it in Photoshop? There is no match! Just does not happen! I just cannot send to the Epson Pro 9900 printer the image in the tiff image file in PS CS5. It does not match the original image file. Even if my custom printer profile is applied, there is no match. Further more, sending the image through LR 6.4, or Printao 8, is useless. In my workflow I used to use, the image in LR 6.4, edited for size, in PS CS5 is a perfect match (if any match is perfect). My goal is to have AP become use staple in my workflow. In previous posts I asked if what I was doing was correct. I attached screen shots. I have tried different combinations of settings available. I still cannot get the digital image file to match the original I have studied this effort with the X-Rite 24 patch target. What more can I right. Alan, please help! Alan, your video lessons are have the right tempo for me! Kind Regards, David
  2. May I concur with your assessment. I no longer see any use for Perfect Resize 10, Genuine Fractals. Yep. Your right. I have not done the exercise you did with halos. The workflow I have, today, still needs PS CS5....until I can learn to do soft proofing on AP. There are some other applications I may stop using, and have not chosen which ones. Cheers David
  3. In 'profiles' > 'output profile', am I to use my custom printer/paper profile? Or my working space profiles, ProPhoto RGB? Screen shots included Cheers, David Continuing, I just realized I must use ProPhoto RGB. Does everyone agree? When image files are opened in PS CS5, I am informed by PC CS5 the image file is NOT in my working space, ProPhoto RGB, but instead in the custom printer/paper profile. Next, I am in a quandary, how to resolve my issue with soft proofing. Soft proofing just does not have the final image file looking like the original art, now matter what adjustments I make. I have tried, curves, and levels. Please, someone tell me how to resolve this issue I have. Previous use in the combination of LR 6.4 and PS CS5, there no problem. Let's face it, I, me, David, don't know how to use AP's soft proofing, plus adjustments! So now some of you wonder why I don't print directly out of A. Excellent question. I print to my Epson Pro 9900 with Printao 8 printing software. I need an image ready to drag over to Printao 8. The image is in my screen as a PS CS5 image file. Is there a method I can use to print to Printao 8 directly from AP? I must thank everyone for being so gracious and helpful. Kind Regards. David Bye the way, am I asking too many questions?
  4. What I am looking for, what I need, is to very simply create a border around an image, for printing. Example is an one inch border, gray, all around the image file. Then, another border, two inches all around, with another color, say, dark blue. Thus I have a matted print that comes out of my Epson Pro 9900. I do this in PS CS5. I would prefer to do this in AP. I don’t want to mess with pixels, since I don’t know how. “Affinity Photo - Adding Borders”…I have watched this time and again. Over and over, and still don’t know what to do. It would be beneficial to me to have a person talking slowly and moving slowly, so I can understand. Even someone else could guide me to a different way to create borders the way I must have them! It should not be that difficult to create borders they way I need them in my work flow. Cheers David
  5. R C-R Thank you. The eye dropper does work as you wrote. Cheers, David
  6. Alan: I almost got it. Lots of trial and error. Now, how do I use the eye dropper to choose a color inside the image? I use these 'matts' in place of actual matts. Therefore I choose colors to complement the image. Kind Regards, David
  7. I digitally capture artist's original art. My goal is to create a Giclee to represent the original art as best I can. (My guarantee, is nothing is represented perfectly.) With this in mind, what is the very best way to NOT introduce any change to the image file? In 'develop assist' I chose 'no action taken' for tone curve and exposure bias. Preferences for working space is ProPhoto RGB, perceptual, black point compensation is unchecked. What else do I need to do for my workflow? I do use the 24 patch classic cardboard X-Rite target in all digital captures. For my best results I use RPP 64 to profile the camera sensor, lens, and lighting. I do not use the 64 (Kodachrome) setting.) I just use 'color' so there is no interference with the digital capture. Then RPP 64 sends the image file directly to AP as a 16 bit tiff. From there, in AP, I can do any adjustments needed for sizing. Neutral white point is achieved in RPP 64. However, somewhere in the AP process, when the image file goes to PS CS5, the image just is not the same as in RPP 64 and what it looked like in AP. Before introducing AP into my workflow, I went from RPP 64 to LR 6.4, and finally size edit in PC CS5. The image file appeared consistent in all three applications. This consistency is not happening when AP is used in place of LR 6.4. Back to the help I am asking for: How to keep an image file from not changing when using AP? Printing is usually done with Printao 8, or LR 6.4. Cheers, David
  8. Export with tiff, 16 bit, Lanczos 3 (non-separable). the cr2 image files are to big to add to this response. What is PM? Explain PM you a link. Now, I also noticed, with the same cr2 image file, it works fine once, then try again, and it crashed AP when I repeat the procedure.
  9. DEVELOPE ASSISTANT: Make tone curve and exposure bias stick as TAKE NO ACTION. I need to know TAKE NO ACTION is always chosen. I don't want to have to continuously double check. Having to check each time I use AP just makes use more difficult. No one should have to keep checking this setting, time and time again. David
  10. PLEASE: In RAW, cropping, choosing 'Absolute Dimension', changing pixel units to INCHES, MAKE the ruler dimensions BECOME inches. For me the pixel dimensions is still there even when I have chosen inches David
  11. Megan, I'm wondering if your file sizes at 'tiff' are way to big...... That might have been my problem... I no longer have a problem even with large file sizes. If by chance it this issue happens again, then I will go to "launchpad', hold down the 'control' key and click on AP icon in 'launchpad', and reset all the settings to 'clear'. Very interesting....I, Me, David, cannot repeat what I told you ! ! ! ! ! ! Kind Regards, David
  12. Been there. Done That. For me, the main thing is to use control button. The simplest way to get this taken care of, is go to launch pad. While holding down control, click on AP icon. I dialogue comes up. Be sure to 'select all', and clear. When AP starts up again, you will need to update your preferences. They will have been nullified. Let us know if this was the correct answer, and that it worked. Cheer, David
  13. I'm in develop mode, and units are changed to inches, from default pixel. I click on crop tool, and immediately, inches changes to pixels. I really really want inches for cropping. As I stated earlier, I think is terms of 'inches', for cropping. Man oh man. Is this frustrating ! ! ! David
  14. Allan....Thank you for the training video. THAT IS what I needed. Thanks, again. David
  15. quote I think a lot of users would like to see the Units item in the crop tool context menu bar 'live' regardless of the Mode. Even for the ratio presets, this would be useful for changing the ruler unit display for visualization purposes. It would also be nice if the default unit for the tool was the same as the current document's units setting instead of always defaulting to pixels. I agree
  16. Madame, On the dropdown menu can you choose the 4" by 6" alternative? Then you can type in the dimension you want. Or isn't that working for you? No. Does not even show inches. Stays pixels. Like This
  17. I'm in develop mode, and units are changed to inches, from default pixel. I click on crop tool, and immediately, inches changes to pixels. I really really want inches for cropping. As I stated earlier, I think is terms of 'inches', for cropping. Man oh man. Is this frustrating ! ! ! David Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  18. I would like inches instead of pixels. I think in inches. Would be much easer for me, in my workflow. If there is already a way to change pixels to inches, in the dialogue box, please point me to it. Cheers. David
  19. Hello All. I will try and keep this simple. In, file > export > tiff > Just below where it reads in pixels (THAT IS WHAT I MUST HAVE IN INCHES) there are presets, and the preset I choose is tiff RGB 16-bit. At Resample, I choose Lanczos 3 (non-separable). So, all is well. Preset is now vacant. And exported image file is 16 bit. It seems if I choose the preset of tiff RGB 8-bit, the exported image file is 8 bit, even though I choose Lanczos 3 (non-separable). I have not tried the other presets to see if they stay or change when using Lanczos 3 (non-separable). This has nothing to to with my image file editing space, ProPhoto RGB. David
  20. When I say I think in inches, what this really means, my dimensions are thought in inches, not pixels. BatteriesInc, I see your screen captures. Thank you. Kind Regards, Davie
  21. attempting to attach a screen capture and can't. Something has changed, I assume, for attachments. Cheers, David
  22. Academically speaking, I would like to move those fine white border lines so they come out further to include the entire image file. Notice the bottom left, I would like to bring that bottom corner line out to my left without have the entire line spill outside the image file. Like, well, the image file is not perfectly a rectangle. This file was hand held so no chance of be squared up and true. It is RAW and I am in RAW. What I am fantasizing about is the ability to do this as within PS CS5. Also, I don't find a way to flatten image file at this point. Also the same ability in 'develop'. Cheers. David
  23. Thank you, barninga! Seems it will be easier to do the changes in PS CS5.... Hoping it could all be done, simply in AP. Kind regards, David

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