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  1. Madame: The good news: The path for PS is very similar to the Elements path. The bad news: I can see the "watermark brush" on my brush palette but I do not see "watermark" on the list of brushes when I go to Applications > Photoshop CS6 > Presets > Brushes. The brush list (.abr) appears to be generic and does not specify any specific brush. Are you suggesting that I import the entire brush list and hopefully "watermark" will show up in Affinity Photo?
  2. Has anybody figured out how to save the watermark for later use? In PS I was able to make a pen tool preset and save it for use in subsequent photos.
  3. Changing from Safari to Chrome solved the problem. Thank you. The curiosity is that the other tutorials worked fine. Oh well, it works now
  4. When I initiate the "Text, Branding/Watermark" tutorial it starts and I hear "Welcome to Affinity Photo" it runs for about 10 seconds followed by a restart and I hear "Welcome to Affinity Photo" again and again, ad nauseam. I have not encountered this problem with other tutorials.
  5. I created a preset brush in Photoshop that I use to watermark my photos. Is it possible to set-up a watermark preset brush in Affinity Photo?
  6. What are the complete set of filters that you cite on the web site and how do they compare to the Photoshop CS6 list of filters? Does Affjnity Photo support High Pass Sharpening? Does Affinity Photo support "Stacking" (see Photoshop extended) to perform tasks such as "Tourist Removal, SNR improvement, etc? When do you expect to interface with plug-ins such as NIK, Imagenomic, Photomatix, On1, et al.
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