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  1. ricoDmarlon

    Divide outline?

    Oh I am sorry, I thought there will be notification on the inbox. Thanks for your help :)
  2. ricoDmarlon

    Divide outline?

    Yes :) Oh I see... I hope this issue will perish later on :D and thanks for the advice :D
  3. Need help! Why this is happening to me? Is my setting is wrong or what? Can someone help me? :( Always fail when I want to make something geometrical... . .
  4. ricoDmarlon

    Divide outline?

    Hello! I have been using AD for awhile now, but everytime I tried to make a logo or something 'geometrical', always ends up in confusion and frustration :D Here is what I meant I try to divide any shape (with fill or just the outline) that I aligned carefully, but always ends up some gap. . . . and sometimes I even need to open 'so cracked illustrator' to make this thing smoothly and export it to AD... :( Need help :D Appreciate every response :)

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