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  1. I have been creating a lot of Time-lapse series, and have been relying on LRTimelapse working in tandem with LR. Essentially, when editing a timelapse series applying the exact preset is, in my experience, exactly what you would not want to do. Simply put there are always difference between each image (yes, even setting everything to manual on a DSLR) that will cause flickering and other annoying unsightly effects in the resulting timelapse video. Applying the same preset will not help you out here. Not sure whether you guys at Serif (can't image you are not) are aware of LRTimelapse and the way it works, but it uses the xmp files to interface with LR creating a very functional and flexible workflow when editing sometimes multiple thousands of images. My latest project, a long term TL series of a construction had about 50K images as source :-( Maybe you could utilise a similar way of interfacing with other programmes? I believe the programmer of the LRTimelapse program could be interested. I am curious for a DAM solution from you guys.
  2. Thank you! Whatever you did in the Beta made the difference. Now hope you will cook up a LR replacement that integrates with AP so no more roundtripping needed, that would be awsome! :-) Wouter
  3. Thanks Stefano, no I actually wasn't aware of ongoing beta versions. I installed it through the Mac App Store. Suggestions where to find the latest versions with change logs? Btw the version of the Spyder Software is 4.0.7 not 3. Don't think it'll matter much, but still prefer to post correct information :-)
  4. Hi Guys, I Really like both AP and AD, I am however stumbling upon a problem using different colour profiles when roundtripping via tiff from lightroom (version 4). Simply put, when using sRGB and Adobe RGB the colours in LR (library module) and AP are consistent. Using the ProPhoto profile however, the colours are 'wrong'/different in AP as are the grey levels. I searched the forum but could not find a suitable answer. Any editing using this preferred profile is therefore pointless. I also checked the file in preview and Pixelmator, both were next to identical to the LR view leaving only AP different. I am attaching two screen shots; one from LR in library module, the other from AP. Same tiff file. Also a screenshot from the file information is attached. The ProPhoto icc is available on my system. System Information: 2013 Mac Pro, Dual D300 OS: El Capitan Lightroom 4.4 AP 1.4 Spyder 3 Color Calibration (also checked with the default profile from apple, no joy) Hope you can help or fix the problem. Wouter
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