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  1. Hi, I've imported a purchased EPS file to AP and it comes in as a layered file with the first layer being an identical of the second layer which is titled 'image.' If I flatten the image in order to edit it (I need to rearrange objects within the graphic by cutting and pasting, erasing, etc.) it becomes rasterized and loses definition. If I try and select just a portion of the graphic with the lasso tool to move it AP moves the whole graphic. How can I edit this graphic without rasterizing it? Thank you!
  2. Jack I took a look at the tutorial you mentioned above and it was very helpful but it still didn't answer the question of how you copy one image (or a portion of one image) and then paste it into a second image. In Photoshop I just select and copy the first image and then draw a selection box on the second image and Paste the copied image into the box (and only into the box, it restricts the image to the size of the selected area). How can this be done in Affinity? Paste or Paste Inside don't seem to work. I can get it to work with File - Place but what if I don't want to go find the image, if I've already opened it and copied it? Or I just want to use a portion of an image and I've copied that?