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  1. Apologies if this has already been requested. I work a lot with gradients so am looking for a really easy direct workflow... so requests (so far): Ability to have gradient window in Studio panel Plus, with the gradient window in Studio panel... a nice feature would be: when interacting with a gradient, this panel should flip to the top of the stack in the Studio panel. Ability to double-tap/click, or something, on a colour spot on the gradient spine. Result: pop-up colour change dialogue. Regards Cookie Question I'm asking myself: is it too early with the app still at v1.4? Looks
  2. Hi. Affinity Designer 1.4 (& Affinity Photo). MacBook Pro Lion (10.7.5) though I doubt this is specific to my OS/Hardware. Window > Separated Mode Dialogues affected - export, save as .. possibly plus others I've just not yet tried to use. Only had this app days. See attached screen capture. Yes, I've moved the top tool bar (down a bit) so you can clearly see the issue. I work with the top tool bar near the top of the window. In that position it obscures the "save as" input so I HAVE to move the tool bar each time to make the (immovable) save as dialogue usable. Rega
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