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  1. hi i notice some portraits show in RAW there is a red tinge on the shadow side (left side of the portrait)when opened. can someone explain why and what i shud do to avoid this. see attachment
  2. hi it wud be nice if we can get a browser in afinity photo so that its easy to see a file folder of images. otherwise need to switch between different programmes. when selecting a PSD file with layers the affinity photo software cannot create a thumb nail. the thumb nail only comes if the psd file is flattened. nice to have this fixed. add feather tool a pdf instruction manual so one can print it out and follow the guide. regards ashok
  3. hi i am new to Afinity photo and want to switch form cs6. i saw some of the viedio's . this question has perhaps been asked before and i do apologise of i am asking the same question. i open an image ready to process and want to bring in another image of mine as a layer so that i can use one of the layer blending modes.. is this possible in Photo?