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  1. RAW file imported into Photos looks good. When importing to AF a thumbnail image shows RAW symbol in the lower right corner. Once imported into AF the file looks completely off.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, cameras are on the list: m5 and 7Dii. When imported to Photos, preview looks correct but only because Photos displays JPG version in the library. If I press EDIT, it pulls RAW and it displays incorrectly.
  3. CR2 files appear corrupted when opened in AF on iPad Pro (file is first imported straight into Photos on iPad Pro either via card reader or camera wifi). However, the same file imports fine into macOS /Windows version of AF. I've tried this with two cameras and multiple cards - same result. If converted to TIFF on desktop, it imports back to iOS without issues.
  4. I seem to have an issue transferring photos taken with iPhone X's back camera from mac photo library to Affinity Photo for editing. No problem with photos taken with my previous iPhone 6s Plus. latest versions of macOS and Affinity Photo. Any suggestions?
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