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  1. Is there a way in Designer to save active layers in different sets?
  2. Affinity Publisher should at least support import of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and Adobe InDesign files. Adobe InDesign can import CSV and MS Office Word documents. Quak Xpress can import Adobe InDesign IDML and MS Office Word and Excel documents. They both can export to ePub.
  3. The tool doesn't provide an accurate way to set the scale or rotation by inputing values manually.
  4. Some features to think about about for the 1.6 version or maybe for later versions: - Parallel lines tool. - Offset lines tool It will work like the parallel tool, but lines can be offset at a specific distance and will be resized to keep the shape. - Fill with pattern or picture Can fill shapes with a vector pattern or bitmap image. The patterns can be rotated and/or scaled. - Drawing constraints. Being able to constraints drawing to perpendicular, middle, specified angle or tangential to a circle. - DXF export Can export a drawing in DXF and keep colour fills to import drawings in a CAD software. - Support Georeferenced PDF. This feature is just to keep geographic information that can be stored in a PDF file if editing it with Designer. Currently they aren't kept inside the drawing and thus Designer cannot be used to edit such PDF files, Illustrator remains still necessary. Allowing this feature would make Designer compatible with GIS softwares. - Illustrator plug-ins Since Photo as a preliminary support of Photoshop filters, could such a feature be integrated later in Designer as well with Illustrator filters? Would be great for filters such as CAD Tools or MAPublisher if technically possible.
  5. With my method it does work anyway. I'm getting the same values between Illustrator and Designer in CMYK.
  6. For those of you who needs Pantone colors support in Affinity Designer before the Serif team release an official support in it, here is a trick you can do. Firstly, you need an Adobe Illustrator licence to be able to do this, or install a demo version of Illustrator. Then you need to install SwatchBooker. http://www.selapa.net/swatchbooker/ Or you compile it yourself to get a Mac version, or you use it under Linux, or use it with Windows. Personally, I installed the Windows version into a CrossOver bottle and it works out of the box. Launch SwatchBooker Editor, in the File menu, select Open and choose one of your Pantone library in Illustrator. Then in the File menu, select Save as and select *.ase for the file format. Launch Affinity Designer and go to the swatches panel, click on the menu and choose import palette, as system or software, as you want. Select your exported *.ase color library. And that's it, you have loaded in Affiinty Designer your Pantone colors library.
  7. I wanted to know how to set the displayed units in a working document? They are by defaut displayed in points, I want to have centimeters or millimeters, how can I do this? I can't manage to find where in the application this settings are located…
  8. It is missing a tool or a function to be able to make parallel lines with the possibility to set the offset distance from the original selected line.
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