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  1. Impossible d'avoir un fond perdu malgré la bonne configuration des paramètres j'ai jamais eu de soucis il y a juste avec la dernière version que cela se produit...
  2. Hi ! thanks for information, quickly its resolution... Thanks for your work great application ! When a photography manager with function affinity photo best regards, G.algranate
  3. Hello, so I work on the same document out there is a part that exports with lost funds and the other part is aboard ! shit it's starting to do ! A5 - Flyer 2017 MDT exp.pdf
  4. Yes, thank you I master the software correctly - what you saw [in my capture] is that I have selected the work plan and not the photo;) but I redid the test with other document if a developer want to have the docs to see what bug ... because I redo 3versions of the same doc and impossible even have put on the gray lines of the bleed ... off it's edge on board. while indeed on the template of the postcards (the first post that seems to happen well) but not on all my documents... The same parameters were applied on the two docs attached. but the result is random ! and I uninstall, reinstall the app...
  5. Hello, here I posted the screen print, in order for you to help me because my printer waiting for a multitude of documents and I can not add the bleed to the pdf! which starts to stop me from my spots ... because impossible I try everything I could ... hoping that it can help you to solve this problem, problem cordially

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