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  1. Hi, on the desktop you can do this to hold Option/alt key and move 1 handle to change the curve from that node. How to do this on the iPad? Thanks, Olaf
  2. A super! Thanks Olaf
  3. Hi, Is there a shortcut for toggling snapping button on/off? or can we create one? thanks, Olaf
  4. Hi, I'm going from AI to Designer. In Illustrator you press SHIFT to get 100% horizontal & vertical handels when dragging . Is this possible in Designer? Thnx for the help. Olaf
  5. Hi, My export files seems like they have jpeg compression, they are not sharp. First I tought it was Instagram who did extra compression or gmail. But the original files on the HD are not good. So something goes wrong with the export. It's vector fom Designer. And I need an export for web. What are the best PNG settings? are what's going wrong? Thnx.
  6. the standard settings for web are 72 dpi. document is 500px on 500px
  7. Hi Meb, Thnx, guidelines will do. but hope to see this in the future, cause it's a lifesaver :-)
  8. Hi, need some help... I do a lot of double lines around my letters. so the offset path in AI is my best friend :-) but I want to go further with AD & AP now. Whats the fastest way to do this without an offset tool in AD? thnx!
  9. Hi I'm new here, In Illustrator a simple click on the "Unite" pathfinder and/or "Minus front" will do the trick. I understand this is not possible yet, so whats the best way to do this in Designer? Really want the go with Affinity now, so I hope someone can help, thanks
  10. and on the same letter, what's the fastest way to remove/cut a line between nodes? thanks.
  11. Hi, with a "unite" pathfinder you can do this in a simple click. thanks
  12. Hi thanks! This will do the trick for now, and for the lines I can duplicate and move to back. I hope you guys do a "unite pathfinder" that's a lifesaver :-)