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  1. That post was years ago. I gave up on Affinity long ago. I hated the subscription model, but gave in, and stayed with Adobe.
  2. Callum, I have a follow-up question to the above. After your initial response, I had been resigned to using Flash CS4 that I already have. However, after a failing hard drive on my MacBook Pro, I bought a Mac Mini. I'll replace the laptop hard drive and do a clean OS X install. Problem is I've now discovered El Capitan won't allow me to install my old CS4 suite due to handling of permissions, etc. and many report older CS version apps not working under El Capitan. I refuse to buy a CC subscription, so now my only solution for creating CrazyTalk Animator assets is to run them through DrawPlus on a BootCamp partition (which I have yet to purchase). However, I see myself using Affinity as my primary toolset. How well would an Affinity to DrawPlus workflow work for this situation?
  3. I've been planning to purchase both Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo as I move away from Adobe, but have had a few other spending priorities before doing so. I just purchased Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline (Mac Version) today, and see they have a white sheet on using Serif's DrawPlus for custom character creation (http://manual.reallusion.com/CrazyTalk_Animator_2/ENU/Whitepaper_Drawplus/default.asp). I'm wondering if I will be able to use Affinity Designer to accomplish the same tasks. If not, my only other option is apparently Flash. I have CS4, but am trying to transition away from Adobe Products. I'd hate to implement a workflow with a product I want to abandon if I can use Affinity! I'd greatly appreciate the feedback, especially since it will help me prioritize purchases. If I can use Affinity Designer to create CrazyTalk characters, I will end up buying Affinity much sooner than anticipated. PS. I see you are working on an Affinity Publish (a great replacement for InDesign)...looking forward to that too!! I noticed Serif does have some video related apps. Do you plan on developing Affinity video apps? It seems Apple is deprioritizing Final Cut and Motion since they removed them from the menu system on the Apple site and haven't updated recently. If you make apps that can replace Premiere/FinalCut, AfterEffects/Motion, you've got my money!!!

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