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  1. is there any work being done to have affinity on ios9.2 Apple iPads. Also I did the tutorial and the price was 39.95. Now it is 49.95 will it come back down It is a great product Thanks Ron
  2. When you open up affinity you have 4 of there photos which you click and it appears on the screen. Then you are supposed to be able to see how they developed it. Do you go to each layer adjustment to see or is there a way that they take you through the process one step at a time Thanks Ron
  3. Under the tool bar line on the instruction videos they show various boxes, like layers, imprinting, etc How do you turn this tool bar on
  4. When you buy affinity besides tutorial is there some info on how to get started and what all the tools mean. I have used some of the tools on photoshop elements but thus software has more. Thanks ron
  5. I want to change a dull sky in a photo with a blue Skyrail with clouds. I can do this with Photoshop and I believe affinity can do this. Could you help me Thanks. Ron