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  1. Hi Callum, thanks again for helping out. Now i found my mistake. Let me explain. When setting up my document, i entered 3 mm bleed. But i did this in the "Seitenränder" field, i guess it`s called borders/margins or something like that in english (using the german version), as you already mentioned before. Which of course has no impact on bleed. It is what you usually do, when setting up a print project in Illustrator, enter width, height and bleed... :rolleyes: So bleed is only available when exporting the PDF. New workflow, but got it now :) Thanks man! Andreas
  2. Hi Callum, thanks for your answer, but i don`t agree. Please have a look at my screenshot #1. There you can see the lines which show the bleed. I set the bleed when creating the document, the lines where not created manually in the document. When you take a look at the second screenshot you can see the position of the blue object. The left top corner should be at around 0 mm, not 3 mm. As the lines show the document, everything outside the lines is bleed. Andreas
  3. Hi everybody, when setting up a document with e.g. 3 mm bleed, my ruler zero mark starts where the bleed starts. This is not correct and unuseful for calculating positions. Am i missing something? Thanks in advance Andreas