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  1. Had the fonts for years on the Mac. Can’t recall their source. I was attempting to port the fonts from Mac to iPad. Any font seemed to be able to display it but I imagine it’s more complicated. Anyhow, if there is an issue with the font, any suggestion on best place to procure for personal use? Thanks for working on my issue!
  2. Here are the ones I think are showing up (were also loaded but not what I was needing to use) or at least some are. ROTSEM.TTF ROTSEMB.TTF ROTSSAXB.TTF ROTSSALI.TTF ROTSSAI.TTF ROTSSAL.TTF ROTSSAB.TTF ROTSRFI.TTF ROTSRFB.TTF
  3. I’m on 12.4. Attaching the set I’m trying to use.ROTSAN.TTF ROTSANB.TTF ROTSANI.TTF ROTSANIL.TTF ROTSANL.TTF ROTSANXB.TTF — forgot to thank you for the quick response! Thanks! Jason
  4. When attempting to import Agfa Rotis and use it, only the semisans in the family is usable. The import appears to work, but I can’t actually select it in Text Studio. If i then load the font locally using Anyfonts, I can use it in other programs. I’m new to fonts. Please help.