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  1. I have already tried that and unfortunately it doesn't work. Just to re-cap on what I've tried incase anything occurs to you On my iPad i have deleted all the apps associated with downloading files/zip files and now when I download a Styles file the default app is Evernote or the option to save to files on iPad, which saves to iCloud. If I then try and import from there, the file is greyed out and now shows an Evernote logo, even though I didn't ask it to use Evernote to download it! On my desktop, I can download a Styles file and move it across to iCloud. I can then import it to the desktop version of AD or AP without any problems. If I then go to my iPad and try and import the exact same file from iCloud, it is greyed out but doesn't show the Evernote logo. Very mysterious LOL
  2. That’s an interesting thought. I tried deleting all the ‘file opening’ type apps from my iPad but now it offers Evernote as the option to open the file!!! I really don’t want to delete that app, as I do use that quite regularly. It does seem likely that it’s some sort of conflict going on here but really not sure where to start looking, or whether it’s something in settings that needs altering?
  3. Here is a screen recording GabrielM ScreenRecording_08-17-2018 11-28-16.mp4
  4. Ah, yes! So the file type shows as 'document'! Its interesting because, as I said, I have successfully imported these Styles to my desktop version of AD but when I look at the exact same files on iCloud but on my Mac computer they show as Exec files (photos below) and the info still says they are 'document' but they will load. Any thoughts would be appreciated. These are nice styles but essentially it doesn't matter if I can't import them, I would just like to understand a bit more Many thanks Carol
  5. I have been trying to import styles to both Designer and Photo on my iPad Pro. These same styles have successfully imported to the desktop version. I have them downloaded to iCloud but when I try and import them into the iPad version they appear greyed out. (see first image attached) When I look at these same files in iCloud directly on the iPad they are not greyed out (see second image attached) Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.
  6. Thank you so much Busenitz! I too was looking for tutorials about digital scrapbooking in Affinity. I use to use Serif's Craft Artist Professional on Windows but since changing to a Mac, that wasn't really an option. I didn't know about Media Browser and that's going to help so much!!!!
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