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  1. Hi, I tried different options permutations, but actually interested in the following (attached). Regards
  2. Hi, Is this problem being looked into, or is it me doing something wrong? Would appreciate any response. Cheers
  3. Keenorhian

    Unwanted grouping of text in pdf import

    Hi, May be it is related to the problem discussed here, may be not. I also prepare my figures for publication using AD and have switched from AI. I usually make .eps (and sometimes .pdf) version of a figure and then open it in AD. The problem is AD doesn't recognise the text in eps and vectorise it. It works fine in AI, the text is editable. Works fine with .pdf. Is there something I am missing in terms of settings and options? Why is it so? If this is a separate problem, please let me know, I will create a separate post. Thank you in advance. Bests
  4. Hi, I am trying to export a simple diagram which contains lines with stroke gradient to PDF, but the gradient is changed every time. I have tried different combination of the export options – nothing helps. I have AD 1.4, 2015 mbpr 15" and El Capitan 10.11.2 if this is at all relevant. I have attached a simple example demonstrating this behaviour. It works fine when export to EPS by the way. Kind regards, Keenorhian gradientExample.afdesign gradientExample.pdf

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