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  1. Please disregard this question. I am able to get this working now. thank you!
  2. Hello - In the past I've used the Selection Brush Tool to select an area in an image then clicked Invert Selection button under the main navigation to apply a blur to a picture. Now for some reason the Invert Selection button is no longer working. Can you please let me know if there is a setting I need to update for this to work again? thank you!
  3. Looking for some direction on the best way to reduce file size and optimize images for web when using heavy raw photo files. For example I have various raw images with weight of approx 30MG. I have been following the instructions in the tutorials to export files to jpgs to upload to my website however, when doing so the files are reduced significantly - so much so that the quality is poor. How can I keep good image quality and still reduce the file sizes to closer to max 500kb? Thanks!
  4. Hello - I've watched the videos on document and canvas resizing and I have a question. I'm viewing images captured in raw format on my dslr camera. They are coming in very large (ie. 6000 px x 4000 px) so I want to resize the files for web use. When I go to Document/Resize Document and select approx 300x200 lanczos 3 non-seperable with no change to the DPI I get an image that is blurred beyond recognition. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? I simply want to reduce the size of the image and not change it in any way. Thoughts?
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