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  1. So I bought my Mac version through the app store from Apple and I read online that the license lets you install on both platforms but how does that work? I do not have a logon like you get when you buy direct. Am I stuffed?
  2. I'm currently recolouring some photos so I made a selection of a dress, then went to the Layer menu and selected "recolouring adjustment" from the "new adjustment layer" submenu. I did my edits but discovered that I left out a part of the dress. In photoshop I would have edited the alpha or mask layer but here that seems to be uneditable? I see an alpha with a black and white image showing me my selection but I cant edit it. The workaround I found was to create a greyscale layer from my alpha channel, then do the same with the other one and combine these two followed by creating a new recolouring adjustment. While this works I refuse to believe that this is the right way to do it. Everything else is so simple, I must be doing this wrong.
  3. gerardvanschip

    Zoom control to the Apple Photos extension

    Good to know. Are there any plans to works with the Photos tools? Meaning zoom also within the interface and being able to do cmd+z instead of the back and forward arrows at the bottom right?
  4. The zoom in and out tool that's at the top left disappears as soon as I activate any of the Affinity extensions. Being able to zoom in is essential for high res photos.

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