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  1. Is there a way to save 'preset document sizes' like A1, A2 or 16x20? As you can in Adobe. Saves so much time. Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me if with Affinity photo on iPad pro, will I be able to resize images? Like in photoshop - image- resize- ... I need to be able to say make a 16x20 inch 300dpi image bigger to say A1 size. Also, whats the biggest image size I can work with? I don't need layers so much, just canvas and dpi size up to 300dpi.
  3. Hi, must say this is a great vector drawing tool! Looks very cool. Sorry if anyone has already posted these but a few good additions would be... Mirror drawing More Preset brushes Pen Brush in the tools Fill bucket or quick Fill tool of some sort for vector shapes ( sorry if there is one only just downloaded ) Cheers