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  1. Attached is the image-1. the preview 2. the way it looks when starting the import of the .ai 3. the way it looks imported Am I doing something wrong? or is it the file itself, designing a poster for an event and bought these images on CreativeMarket they include a .png file, which works fine but wanted one of the image inthe preview There is no .png of that image, just all the parts in separate .pngs I thought the .AI would have the image all together but as you can see only a weird part of it opens up Is that something wrong with the file? If i do a dropbox share can you see if you can get it to open and look like the preview image?
  2. Affinity Photo1.5.2 opening .ai or .eps partially, do I need Affintiy Designer to do that?
  3. Want to simply space lines of text further apart cannot figure out where the "option" is in paragraph panel Looked for tutorial cannot find
  4. Okay what all do i need to send you? the entire Decay ART Generation file and the Logo for the group whose Poster i am working on? and How? email or can it be attaced here? Not sure where PM in this forum is
  5. I have this Decay Art Generator and watched the video on how to, but shows in PhotoShop Affinity opens file just fine but how do i give my Logo the Decay Generator look the way they describe applicable in Affinity Certain it can be done, but lost on me as to How Please Help here is the Video https://freshdesignelements.com/shop/14-decay-overlay-textures/
  6. I bought Affinity for my Macbook pro about a month ago, so are thinking that trying out the Art Deco PSD pack should be done on a trial version and not the one i purchased? The Art Deco Pack is $30, which i am not sure its worth that or not, (in a hurry to design a Art Deco styled Logo for a Group) but for sure only want it if it works on Affinity since i don't use Photoshop anymore. Here is the link if you could look at it and see what you think regarding its compatiblity with Affinity I will Greatly Appreciate!!!!! https://creativemarket.com/wingsart/17268-Epic-Art-Deco-Bundle-2?u=wingsart&utm_source=cmshare&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share
  7. Art Deco Logo/Design packs are all over available for download into Photoshop, will they work in Affinity?
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