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    mikaella got a reaction from mad1at35 in Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)   
    Hi there!
    As a Photographer and recent convert to Affinity Photo i must congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing to "free us from Photoshop" :)
    I read mentions on the forum about iPad versions and the teaser for Designer looks great. However I would love to know if there is an iPad Pro optimised version of Photo in the making?
    There are tons of photo apps but none that would suit a professional photography workflow. Adobe's apps are honestly a joke with Lightroom being the biggest one and I'm not interested in all the cloud thing. What many photographers i think could benefit from is a really powerful mobile editor with full RAW capabilites. Downloading to the iPad Pro in the field, and being able to do all the editing there would be a dream.
    Why not do this on a laptop? Because manipulating photos with hands and pencil on a touch interface is so much more natural. Because the iPad is easier to hold, carry, has better batter life...
    I love my iPad Pro but honestly, I'm waiting for it killer photo app. I really hope you guys will do that!
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    mikaella got a reaction from mad1at35 in Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)   
    I really hope for iPad versions asap, as there aren't many pro apps especially in the photo arena. Designer has some decent competition but Pixelmator (the closest i can think of) pales compared to Affinity Photo. I really wish for a true RAW photo processing engine on the iPad Pro.
    Please Santa, make these wishes come true!